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Twitter is the ultimate global collaboration tool for sharing and transfusing knowledge.

Let's learn some #Blooducation together.

Looking forward to seeing you on Twitter.

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Twitter is an amazing tool to share and learn medical knowledge, especially Transfusion Medicine topics, collectively known as #Blooducation, which includes  Immunohematology, Benign Hematology, Coagulation, Hemapheresis Therapy & Patient Blood Management.  Read my most recent article on the Value of Twitter in Transfusion Medicine in the October issue of AABB News.

#BLooducation Tweetorials

Interested in learning more about Transfusion Medicine? Choose a #Blooducation topic, click on the link and follow the thread.  These #Tweetorials are constantly taking shape.  Feel free to add to the conversation by contributing your experience or posting a question.  This is how we continue to learn together and transfuse the knowledge! 

Let's learn some blooducation

#Immunohematology is the study of antigen-antibody reactions and analogous phenomena as they relate to the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of blood disorders.  Learn more about Rh Blood Group System Antigens, Direct Coomb's Test and here. 

#BenignHematology is the study of wide spectrum of blood disorders that are nonmalignant, or not related to cancer.  These diseases include clotting disorders, bleeding disorders, anemias, and thrombocytopenias. To learn more about these conditions click here.  

Patient Blood Management, also called Hemovigiliance, an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to optimizing the care of patients who might need a transfusion.  Learn more about these topics by click here.

#Apheresis is a process in which blood is removed and separated into its components, which allows the desired component to be removed while the remaining components can be reinfused.  Learn more about the different indications, principles, and methods in therapeutic apheresis.  Click here. 

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