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  • Daniela Hermelin, MD

#WholeBlood Go-Live!

Minus 10 days before we implement #Wholelood at SLUH! Before the Go-Live Date of December 1, we provided many educational seminars on our plan of implementation including the Trauma Team. This morning was another focused discussion with our Blood Bank staff. I provided a short power point on the history, characteristics, and our personalized #WholeBlood implementation process. Our blood supplier with be providing us with O+, low titer, leukocyte reduced, platelet spared units of whole blood. Currently, our plan is to only use #WholeBlood as part of the trauma pack (cooler of blood that is sent to the ER Trauma Bay upon arrival of the patient), which will be replacing the 4 units of packed red blood cells. Inventory management will be tricky and the next few months will help us determine how to maintain and distribute these units efficiently without incurring wastage (precious resource and $$$$).

Here's the tweet below with a link to the power point presentation.

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