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Superlative Awards


At this year’s annual School of Medicine faculty award banquet, in addition to outstanding faculty, a handful of superlative awards were administered. I was honored to be given the “Best Dressed” teacher award.


Dress Code

I take my selection of clothing very seriously. First, I love fashion, color, cuts, design, and how clothing can transform an individual. But also, I follow a dress code. As an orthodox Jew, I adhere to a dress code that includes covering my arms beyond my elbows, covering my collarbone, and wearing skirts or dresses below my knees. This dress code aims to promote a sense of modesty and dignity, and also reflects my deep-seated values and beliefs. However we all know that, a “dress code” is more than about wearing certain clothes. It's an external projection of an internal mindset. I dress the way I do because my clothing acts as a garb to my internal being, and I hope that it serves to project the tremendous amount of respect I have for myself, my students, my peers, my institution, and for the field of medical education. To me, receiving this award is a testament to my students feeling the amount of respect and care I put into my role as an educator.


Fashion, for me, is more than just fabric and trends. It is an art form, a mode of expression, and a vehicle for conveying my personal and professional values. Each morning, as I select my outfit for the day, I consider not just the aesthetics, but also the message my clothing sends. In a professional setting, particularly in education, how we present ourselves can significantly impact our interactions and the learning environment.

 Dressing Modestly

My commitment to modesty is deeply rooted in my faith and culture. The guidelines I follow are not merely restrictions but are instead a framework that allows me to express my individuality within a context of respect and tradition. Covering my arms, neck, and legs is a daily practice that constantly reminds me of the importance of humility and the value of inner beauty over outward appearances. This dress code aligns with my belief in presenting oneself with dignity and respect for others. 


How we dress emphasizes a person's dignity and underscores the importance of what lies within. Clothing can serve as a reminder of our inherent worth and the respect we should afford ourselves and others. By dressing modestly and thoughtfully, we not only adhere to our values but also highlight the significance of our inner qualities—our integrity, compassion, and intellect—over mere external appearances.

Traditional + Stylish

Receiving the “Best Dressed” award was an affirmation that my efforts are recognized and appreciated. It is a delightful reminder that one can adhere to traditional values and still be seen as stylish and elegant. The recognition felt especially meaningful coming from my students.


This award also underscores the importance of being true to oneself. In a world where fashion often equates to fleeting trends, staying true to a personal style that reflects one's values can be both challenging and rewarding. I hope to inspire my students and peers to embrace their unique identities, to dress in ways that make them feel confident and respected, and to understand that fashion can be a powerful tool for communication and self-expression.  I am deeply honored by this award and look forward to continuing to inspire and be inspired by the wonderful community at the School of Medicine.

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